With ReptiZoo Encounters be prepared for a fun, busy and exciting day. We draw large crowds and everyone always leaves laughing and wanting more! Furthermore we are able to design a bespoke event for you so it’s tailor made for exactly what you need, want and in keeping with the design of your event from children’s parties to corporate events we have you covered. We can provide your parties with Free of charge invites when you choose one of our encounters.

ReptiZoo Encounters

Our interactive displays are fantastic for large numbers of people. We are able to fit in most spaces and make the entire experience immersive for everyone attending and have a lot of giggles along the way.  We can set up camp either inside or outside depending on the event that you are running or if you’re looking to do something on a larger or longer scale, other arrangements can easily be met.  

Creepy Crawly Collective Challenge
This is a mix of around 15 Venomous & Non venomous critters as a display along with being able to handle a few non venomous species this is ideal for big groups, large event, team building, shopping centre, as a party game. Pricing for this varies depending on your event 1 hour starts from £150 you are getting a fully trained handler with this.

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