Support our Animal Ambassador’s

  • Donate to us: We are always pleased to receive donations such as Food, enclosures, any used or new reptile equipment.
  • Fundraise for us – Get involved in our fundraising activities, or maybe complete your own such as a 5k run, a bake sale or a donation tub
  • Volunteer for us – Check out our opportunities on our Volunteer page. 
  • Corporate Giving: Partner with us / Sponsor something/someone / Get your colleagues involved.

Sponsor one of Animal Ambassador’s

Sponsor an animal with ReptiZoo Encounters  and you can help provide the care and life these beautiful animals deserve. You can choose to give more, and all extra funds will go into supporting ReptiZoo Encounters work. Supporting one of our animal ambassador’s through sponsorship is a great way to help fund our work to protect rescued animals.

Meet Spike, Spike is a bearded dragon that was surrendered to us. Sadly he was brought as a pet for a child, the child lost interest and spike stopped getting the care, attention and love he needs this let to spike being dehydrated, skinny and his femoral pores were blocked.

Spike is a Happy bearded dragon despite all this. Please donate to spike so he can live his best life.

Meet Thin Lizzy, Thin Lizzy is a leopard gecko that was brought to us unfortunately she was fed an incorrect diet of Waxworms which are extremely fattening and this has resulted in Thin Lizzy becoming obese. Obesity in leopard geckos with feeding the wrong diet can be very detrimental to there health leading to conditions like Oedema and gout which are both very painful conditions

Help provide Lizzy with the best life as she can live upto 15 years!

Meet Haymich the African Pygmy Hedgehog, Haymich’s owner’s house sadly flooded and she had to go into supported accommodation and could not take Haymich with her, she was referred to us and he now lives in our care.

Creepy Crawly Collective

Why not have us bring our Creepy Beasties for a Bug Challenge?

Meet our Mantises

Meet our Millipedes

Meet our Stick insects