• We are a not-for-profit organisation that rescue’s animals in need as well as providing education, conservation and animal experiences for children and adults in Scotland.  We also provide volunteering and work experience for young people who have work or learning barriers, building confidence and real opportunities for our local communities.  As well as all the above we offer our services to organisations, individuals & companies as who doesn’t love an animal encounter. All of our Animal Ambassadors have either been rescued or rehomed right here in Scotland by us profits gained is put back into these animals and continuing both our rescue work and work within our community.  By support us you are directly supporting these causes.

On The Farm – Chicken Experience

Learn all about Chickens perfect for Fun Days, gala & experience days
Children learn about chickens and there evolutionally history and then our Farmers & Egg hunters get to work on the farm!

Our focus is on making it a fun, interactive experience for all involved. we can provide anywhere from 30 minutes to full days of animal filled fun!

Creepy Crawly Collective

Why not have us bring our Creepy Beasties for a Bug Challenge?

Meet our Mantises

Meet our Millipedes

Meet our Stick insects