Terms & Conditions Of Booking

 Deposits are non refundable but transferable
– Balances are due 9 days before the event date and are non refundable
– In the event a booking is transferred to a later date the balance is still due 9 days before the original event date.

Our parties are for age 2 and upwards. All children under 3 are requested to have an adult sitting next to them on the mat to support them.
Our parties are mess-free, but we still provide 5 MILLION liability insurance for your reassurance.
We are Vet and Council Inspected and our amazing animals live on our private premises.
Prior to the main event starting, we will be carrying out a safety talk & health routine (hand washing, explaining how to handle the animals, required behaviour etc), therefore please ask your guests to arrive at least 10 min early.
Please allow 10 minutes either side of the approximate times stated on your booking confirmation.

Duration of the party will vary depending on the level of interaction from the children with the animals, and the number of children attending on the day.
If you have an upper floor flat or living area upstairs, please specify upon booking as a lift is required for these bookings.
If you are having the party at home, we require a clear space of at least 4 x 3 meters.
Please see our animals page for information and restrictions in terms of participants age and home/venue size. This is for the safety of the children and the animals themselves. For homes and small venues, we might request a picture emailed to us to ensure there is enough room for our runs/enclosures.
Animals need to be selected at least 1 week prior to event. You are required to choose a mixture of reptiles and bugs with substitutes, should we need to change any for any reason as stated on the booking form.
Parties are strictly indoors only due to the risk of escape, exposure to the elements and the need for heating and an electricity point (plug socket). We can make exceptions due to covid between May-September when the temperature is warm but you must provide a gazebo or suitable shaded area.
For party packages with games we will require two separate areas/rooms (one for games and one for the animals). During the spring/summer we can do games and crafts outside in the garden but the animals must have a safe place to stay indoors.
The welfare of our animals is paramount and are displayed in mini versions of their home enclosures/vivariums. You are able to view the enclosures on our facebook page or request to see them in person. Any company you book should be happy to provide this publicly or on request . Please ensure you check the welfare of the animals whichever company you book and that they have the correct licence & insurance.
Fuel is an additional charge of 75p per mile from Motherwell ML1

and is charged to the event and back if over 10 miles (upto is free).

Any questions related to refunds and booking terms, should be directed to reptizooinfo@gmail.com or by completing our contact form.

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