Husbandry Guidance & Information

Please note that the majority of animals ’employed’ by Reptizoo Encounters are actually my pets, I do not & will not warehouse animals to simply pick one of many as needed for an event. As such their welfare, health & happiness are my paramount concerns during every event worked & it is planned that this will never be compromised by your own enjoyment & appreciation of these creatures during your individual encounter.
We Keep a daily record of all our animals in line with our Animal Activity licences here is a week of our general care for our animals, our animals are all kept in private building (The Fin Room) unit 4 58-60 albert street where we trade from
all animals live in appropriately sized enclosures singly we do not cohabit (unless its invertebrates like cockroaches or stick insects to the benefit of the animal) our animals are cared for daily (all day) and we live across the road from this premises we adhere to all safety and fire regulations and have a written protocol available within this premises we have 4 staff on a weekly basis to care for our animals.
Vivarium cleaning is done daily, daily spot cleans are done when checked routinely.
THURS/FRID/SUN Full cleans are done snakes are cleaned out twice weekly water dishes are cleaned on weekly basis and replenished on a daily basis enclosures all have suitable enrichment appropriate for each species.
We are vet registered with Ark vets in Coatbridge if any of our animals show any signs of illness they are taken to the vet for further investigation. all Animals are gathered individually for transport and housed in lockable ventilated tubs that are appropriately sized for each species with kitchen roll that can be easily cleaned if necessary. We travel and provide heat packs if needed whilst travelling our enclosures are secured during transport to prevent any movement whilst in motion depending on the location of event the animals are regularly checked in transit. the event we can be indoor or outdoor (weather permitting) and depending on the species and indoor temperatures we would need access to a mains electricity supply and running water as part of our licence conditions we need running water for handwashing and animals. All our animals will have access to water and food throughout the event as well as this we have thermometers to keep check on temperatures are all time. all animal are thoroughly checked before, during and after the event our animal crew’s welfare is the most important thing to us and we may bring a replacement if they have been busy, are under the weather, or just being divas! Before any event or session begins we will carry out a health & safety talk (hand washing, explaining how to handle the animals, required behaviour All of our animal enclosures are cleaned daily to minimise the build up of disease causing germs. Animals receive appropriate vaccinations, flea and worm treatments etc. Encounter participants are given clear instructions on safe hygiene practice before, during and after the encounter. We provide hand sanitising gel during the encounter and give instructions to the person/s in charge to ensure all hands are washed thoroughly with warm, soapy water once handling is finished. We remind adults to ensure that children do not put hands near their face or into their mouth during handling. We do not allow eating during the encounter. etc
Before an animal is included on our encounters team, we ensure that it is habituated to human contact first. Many of the animals are hand reared by us, and all are handled by us daily, so are quite used to being around humans by the time they come along to their first encounter. It takes time before an animal is ready for an encounter, and when we feel they are ready, we eventually introduce them to small audiences first, earning their stripes step by step until they are a fully fledged encounter team member.
All staff are experienced with the animals and will give instructions during the encounter to ensure the audience is interacting correctly with the animal. We know our animals, we interact with them daily and if one does not seem in full spirits we do not bring it out to an encounter. We also monitor all the animals during each encounter, ensuring that they are their usual happy self throughout. All the animals come to encounters on a rota basis as not to be overly handled. We take great pleasure in offering an interactive and educational experience for people of all ages.
We are up to date with current best practises in animal with all our animals we are fully licenced, insured up to 5 million & are PVG registered. If you would like to see what animals we currently have please checkout our website

If you need anymore info please contact us below.

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