Event Packages

Please find some popular event packages we can offer you.

Creepy Crawly Collective
This is a mix Venomous & Non venomous critters as a display along with being able to handle a few non venomous species this is ideal for small & large events, team building, shopping centre, static displays & educational purposes. you are getting a fully trained handler.


Giant African Land snails, African Train Millipedes, Mantis, Stag Beetle Tailess Whip scorpion, Forest Scorpion, 2 Tarantulas, Stick insects, Hissing Cockraches, Hermit Crabs, Jumping Spider.

We also Provide some props and a nice creepy display with snake shed, skulls and our large display banner.

Please email or call us for our bespoke pricing to ensure you get the best price. Bookings@Reptizooencounters.co.uk
Travel costs may apply depending on your location.

Creepy Crawly Collective

Why not have us bring our Creepy Beasties for a Bug Challenge?

Meet our Mantises

Meet our Millipedes

Meet our Stick insects